The 5-Strategy Convertible Home

This multi-functional house concept is designed to physically convert living space to support life's evolving priorities. 

1. Own a home that pays for itself.


Build equity with mortgage-free living.

Settle into the primary house space and rent out the convertible suite to cover your payments.

2. Earn double the investment income.


Not a duplex. Not an ADU.

Run a vacation rental business that gives you 3 listings in 1 property to accommodate various group sizes (and increase occupancy by 200% or more).

3. Accommodate changing family needs.


Grow or shrink your home on demand.

Utilize your entire space with a growing family, downsize when the nest is empty, or care for a loved one without compromising autonomy.

4. Weather any economic storm.


Safety nets are important during uncertain times.

No matter what happens in a rapidly evolving economy, you can rest well knowing your home has ready-to-access rental income on standby.

5. Mix and Match.


Let your home support your life, whatever that looks like.

  • Run a client-facing business at home (without having clients IN your home)
  • Have a roommate (without having, well, a roommate)
  • Fund an adventurous travel lifestyle (while keeping a local landing pad) 

The Properties

Beauty, practicality, innovation. See the convertible home in action.

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